I love helping people get out of their heads (thinking, planning, worrying) and into their amazing, miraculous, and whole bodies!

I have been a nurse for 35 years working primarily in the areas of chronic disease, oncology, and hospice. I practice from a holistic model of nursing that promotes caring. Caring is one of the most important tenets of the nursing profession. 


I am passionate about teaching inner resource skills that access body, mind, and soul and make possible a deep connection to one’s inner knowing and natural healing abilities.


It is a joy to support and witness the transformation as people move from being tired, in pain, and anxious to experiencing more energy, comfort, and ease as they gain confidence in their ability to make and sustain healthy behavior change.



Integrative Nurse Coach-Board Certified 

Integrative Imagery Practitioner

Certified 5Rhythms Teacher

I know what it’s like to feel like there is no space or time for self-care. My addictive patterns with care-taking and food led me down years of obesity, anxiety and depression. 


Thankfully I can say I have lived a number of years now without these issues dominating my life. 


I learned how to access my body's innate wisdom, cultivate awareness and self-compassion and eat whole real food in ways that nourish my body.  


Changing unhealthy behaviors is totally possible. Your body is an amazing resource of innate healing wisdom!


Jayne Peterson BSN,RN NC-BC

Nurse Coach Board Certified