5Rhythms® is a free-form movement practice founded in the belief that “when you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself” (Gabrielle Roth).   With curiosity and non-judgement we use movement and a body centered focus as the doorway into mindfulness.

This practice is for every body type no matter your size, shape or movement ability. 


Participants describe an increasing sense of freedom, peace and connection-a coming home to oneself as they experience 5Rhythms® class. 


Initial fears about one's ability to dance or dancing in a group quickly fall away. As one new dancer describes, "Within the first minutes my fears left and I felt totally comfortable in my dance". (S.Hester) 



Letting the Body Lead

Movement is the Medicine

Breathe, Move, Loosen up, Expand, and Rest in the Medicine of Movement

Current Class Schedule

1st & 3rd Tuesday Evenings 5:15-6:15 PM Pacific Time

Virtual Class via Zoom

Contact jaynepeterson@prodigy.net to sign up


Suggested donations are:

$10 Fixed income, senior, student, have funds but needs some assist, 

$12 I have adequate funds,

$15 I have more than I need and want to help others who have less attend class 








Jayne Peterson BSN,RN NC-BC

Nurse Coach Board Certified